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One action, born out of countless actions before it. This is how it begins, the cycle which has been in motion since the beginning. As with everything else comprising the experiences we call life, it only happens once ... like this. No two are ever the same. Each is different. Transferring life or death, the ripple from it’s impact begins, an explosion on a subatomic scale. It’s immaterial, and seemingly insignificant. Just as time and events unfold, we are converging, and diverging. Our paths intersect on a cosmic scale. We collide.

Everyday, continually, our lives intersect. It may be brief, or seem inconsequential, but we collide nonetheless. Some begin with a flicker, and others a flame. We, like every other person, are catalysts of this undying process. Each of us born with the potential for what we don’t realize. Once the collision occurs, it can never be undone. It becomes written on the fabric of history itself, recorded through forces that are unseen. One collision leads to another, and another, and so on ...

All around us, lives are constantly colliding, a kinetic impact that ripples through history. The affect from collisions past are still felt today, this very moment, and will continue until the end of time. It’s unstoppable, transcending our finite existence. Moving forward, our lives will never again be the same. Not for us, not for others. The event horizon of our lives extends, in a state of flux -- shifting, altering all that we are. This cannot be reversed. We are separated by variance, and divided by our own limitations. Still, we collide.

We are objects of destiny, creatures of purpose. Every person, a living work of art, testifies to the spark of the divine contained inside us. We move forward with the very breath of life given to us. Our humanity confines us to this realm by which we are prisoners of flesh. Our lonely, longing hearts bare witness with our spirits that we are more than temporal. The mysteries of this sphere only serve to confound us, leading us deeper and deeper into the search for what is real, and everlasting.

The process continues, impacting and changing more people. Likewise, we are changed as well, leaving the person we were behind forever. Every action results in life or death. Some have no impact, just as some are never made at all. They are stillborn; Aborted through selfishness and actions never taken. This is the greatest tragedy of life itself. Sealed with the mark of our own choosing, they’re actions that even God will not alter. We have within us a light destined to be shared, and to be given. What will our impact be on others? What will we choose to share? The decision is ours alone. And we collide.

(Originally Published in August, 2013 on The Examiner website)

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