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The signs of the times are all around us ... in the skies above and across the world. Ancient texts describe the arrival of powerful, non-human beings that descended to earth thousands of years ago and influenced early man. Evidence of their existence was carved into stone on every continent. But what were these beings, and what happened to them? Are extra-terrestrials observing and influencing our modern world or is something more nefarious at work?


When the remains of an ancient creature are discovered in the Rocky Mountains, a retired paranormal investigator is called upon to assist a clandestine group unlock a series of archaeological mysteries. More strange discoveries are made as unexplained events continue to occur worldwide. Racing against the clock, the group find themselves up against a sinister alliance guided by dark forces that will stop at nothing to control millennial prophecies and accelerate the destruction of mankind.

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The city of New Phoenix is a fountainhead of technology, innovation and crime. Having an origin steeped in mystery, it's as dangerous as it is captivating. Architect Mitch Preston learns of a deadly force at work in the city after witnessing the murder of his best friend. Seeking help from investigative journalist Tamara Scott, whom he shares a complicated history, Mitch is thrust into the midst of a high-tech war being fought in the dark underworld of New Phoenix. Before long, he encounters the enigmatic leader of a small covert group fighting to end the criminal stronghold. Forced to choose sides, Mitch's path is set on a collision course with the powerful Elias Centrell, leader of the mafia-like organization that controls the city from behind the scenes.

WATCHERS is available now in hardcover, paperback and kindle versions.


Take a deep drive into the world of the book on the WATCHERS page and download the first chapter for free!

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Ancient Lands. Future Civilizations. Alternate Realities. Monstrous Creatures. Otherwordly Vessels. Unexplored Regions. Time Travel. Dangerous Technology. Apocalyptic Visions, and more. This anthology consists of fifteen science fiction, fantasy and horror stories exploring mans struggle against isolation, his environment, the unknown and ultimately, himself.


Abandoned to extreme situations, out of context with what we understand about our reality, Echoes From The Innerworld dares to explore the deep, subjective realms existing within the human soul, taking the reader on a journey though the light and dark, into the fantastic and frightening places comprising our greatest dreams as well as our worst nightmares.

Available now in hardcover, paperback and ebook.

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In this best-selling conspiracy thriller, journalist Rick Donovan has his world turned upside down after he's contacted by a mysterious man who makes a chilling prediction. When the prediction comes true exactly as foretold, Donovan is drawn into uncovering the truth behind a series of conspiracy theories. As one discovery leads to another, he finds himself on a perilous journey for the truth, taking him to the edge of civilization to unmask the greatest cover-up in human history.


Based on research into actual conspiracies many have questioned for decades, The Verticon File is certain to leave you seeking to know more about what's being hidden from you, and how deep it goes. 

Available now from Jumpmaster Press in paperback, audiobook and ebook formats.

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This contemporary thriller, a follow up to the best-selling novel, The Verticon File, dares to ask questions that many are curious to know.

Is the truth about our world being hidden from us? Is society controlled by a clandestine elite with a sinister agenda for mankind?


Private investigator Marc Grissom is hired to look into the death of a respected university professor. His case takes a dangerous turn when he discovers clues pointing to a web of deception, lies and conspiracies. Finding himself in a deadly, high-stakes game, Marc is confronted with theories of a colossal, international cover-up. He's soon forced to decide fact from fiction before it's too late. 

Available now from Jumpmaster Press in paperback and ebook formats.

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For thirty year old Shawn Covington, returning home was supposed to be welcoming; a time of new beginnings. This ends abruptly as he arrives to find his city completely abandoned, in disarray and in the midst of a powerful storm. Unable to leave or communicate with anyone outside the city, he meets a young woman, also trapped by the same unusual circumstances. Together, as they begin searching for answers, they're plagued by a series of nightmarish events as things turn from bad to worse. Struggling to survive while the mysterious, supernatural storm rages all around them, the unlikely pair are forced to confront the darkness within and without. But will they live long enough to learn the dark secret behind the evil tempest and its destructive power? It may already be too late.


Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and the early works of Stephen King, this faith-based, supernatural thriller is currently available in hardcover, paperback & kindle ebook formats. 

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This exciting, faith-based, supernatural thriller delves into the world of the unseen, exploring the nature of the UFO phenomenon. Following recent sightings of mysterious lights in the night sky, a sequence of unusual deaths and the account of a traumatized woman, paranormal investigator Josh Blair and University student Daniel Summers are drawn together to uncover the connection to seemingly unrelated events. They soon find themselves in a race against time - on the front lines of the battle between good and evil as powerful dark forces threaten to destroy them and their entire city.

Nexus explores the true nature of the supernatural realm, revealing the Biblical origin of the spiritual conflict behind the dimension of the paranormal. 


Currently available in hardcover, paperback & ebook formats

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In book two of the Nexus series, paranormal investigator Josh Blair and his friends seek to understand the arrival of two, mysterious visitors to their city during an unseasonable heatwave. As a series of gruesome deaths follows and the body count begins to rise, the team find themselves in the midst of an epic, supernatural battle. Before long, their lives will be threatened and their faith put to the ultimate test by forces beyond their control.


And somewhere – in the cold darkness – a machine inhabited by an evil intelligence waits...


Explore the realm of the supernatural, exposing the darkness and revealing the truth, going deep into the world of the unseen.


Nexus: Polarity is currently available in hardcover, paperback & ebook formats.




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This anthology, book three in the Nexus series, includes a collaborative story between Brian Weimer and A.G. Porter (The Darkness of Eva Black, The Darkness Trilogy). Nexus: Dimensions is a collection of fifteen short stories taking place before, between and after the other three books. Spiritual investigator Josh Blair and his friends engage in the continuing battle between good and evil, helping people whose lives are threatened by forces beyond their understanding. Unearthly visitations, cursed objects, unnatural abilities, dangerous cults, ancient powers, future technology, haunted places, non-human entities, dimensional portals and more!


Explore the supernatural realm as the small team fight to expose the darkness and reveal the truth, going deep into the world of the unseen.

Nexus: Dimensions is currently available in hardcover, paperback & kindle ebook formats.

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In the fourth and final book of the Nexus series, past and present plots merge together, bringing things to their inevitable conclusion. Following a series of prophetic visions, paranormal investigator Josh Blair is drawn into the search for the truth behind a mysterious plane crash on the outskirts of his city. He soon discovers a deadly plot to obtain an ancient artifact of supernatural origin. With his friends working to expose the dark secret behind an occult society at the local University, Josh collaborates with an FBI agent sent to investigate him. They soon realize that the events beginning to unravel will change each of their lives forever.

Explore the realm of the supernatural, exposing the darkness and revealing the truth, going deep into the world of the unseen.

Nexus: Convergence is currently available in hardcover, paperback & kindle ebook formats.


'Sometimes the world we see collides with the one we don't.'

In this faith-based, trilogy collection, consisting of Nexus, Nexus: Polarity and Nexus: Convergence, spiritually-gifted, paranormal investigator Josh Blair and his friends are drawn into the heart of the supernatural conflict between good and evil. As they engage in one battle after another, they discover the strength of their faith, and the bond between them. Explore the Biblical origin to the realm of the unseen. The stakes are high, and they demand the souls of men.

Available in paperback, Nexus: Synergy collects three Nexus books in one large volume, and includes a forward by the author.


In this exciting, audiobook adaptation of the faith-based novel, narrated by voice-over professional Rich Savage, the entire, unabridged book is presented. Available in  MP3 format through Amazon, iTunes, and Listen to a sample on Spotify!


Total Running Time: 6 hours

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The Verticon File Audiobook

In this exciting audiobook version of the popular conspiracy thriller, narrated by voice talent Gene Rowley, journalist Rick Donovan embarks on a search for the truth behind an enigmatic series of conspiracies. His quest leads him on a dangerous journey to the ends of the Earth.  Available on iTunes, and directly from 
Total Running Time: 8 Hours


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Young scientist Elliot Foster has accepted the opportunity of a lifetime to work at a hi-tech research facility deep within the remote mountains of eastern Europe. Lured by a lucrative financial sum and promises of prestige, Elliot hopes to be a part of something innovative; something that will revolutionize the world. However, he discovers that the strange experiments being conducted at the isolated location are not only unconventional, but also unsettling. As Elliot's fears begin to mount, he wonders if it's too late to shut the project down or is there a higher price to be paid?


Download this exciting, new, prequel short story to the upcoming supernatural thriller Advent. If you're a fan of Stranger Things and science fiction, you'll certain to enjoy Shadowgate!

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In this short fantasy story from the anthology Echoes From The Innerworld, an urban explorer finds himself in an old shop closed for decades. Discovering it had been a toy store, he unlocks a door to his childhood.

Read Toys From Yesteryear now for free by downloading the story through the button below.



In this short horror story from the anthology Echoes From The Innerworld, a lone survivor living in a Utah town during a zombie apocalypse following the breakdown of society makes a discovery that gives him a new view on life. 

Inspired by The Walking Dead, you can read Days Long Gone for free by downloading the story in PDF format through the button below.

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