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Born on the Summer Solstice, Brian Weimer is a best-selling author, teacher and artist. Before releasing his first novel, he graduated from Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham, Alabama with a Bachelor's in theology.  In addition to his multi-genre books, he was a former contributor for the Colorado-based Examiner, writing articles on topics such as alternative news, spirituality in pop-culture and entertainment, the paranormal, health and nutrition, and emerging world threats. Having spent over a decade working in the financial industry, Brian has traveled extensively, living in Georgia, Texas, California, Virginia, Missouri and Colorado. He has also traveled overseas. A longtime fan of science fiction, fantasy and horror, Brian has been writing creatively since his early teens, a private passion for many years. Ultimately, through all of his writings, Brian's goal is not just to entertain, but to also enlighten; to offer hope and encouragement in these dark times. An avid animal lover, Brian spends much of his time volunteering and supporting various rescues and causes. When he's not traveling or appearing at national book events, Brian resides near Birmingham, Alabama.


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