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The signs of the times are all around us ... in the skies above and across the world. Ancient texts describe the arrival of powerful, non-human beings that descended to earth thousands of years ago and influenced early man. Evidence of their existence was carved into stone on every continent. But what were these beings, and what happened to them? Are extra-terrestrials observing and influencing our modern world or is something more nefarious at work?


When the remains of an ancient creature are discovered in the Rocky Mountains, a retired paranormal investigator is called upon to assist a clandestine group unlock a series of archaeological mysteries. More strange discoveries are made as unexplained events continue to occur worldwide. Racing against the clock, the group find themselves up against a sinister alliance guided by dark forces that will stop at nothing to control millennial prophecies and accelerate the destruction of mankind.


Paperback Version

418  Pages

Photon Books 

Advent (Paperback)

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