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The city of New Phoenix is a fountainhead of technology, innovation and crime. Having an origin steeped in mystery, it's as dangerous as it is captivating. Architect Mitch Preston learns of a deadly force at work in the city after witnessing the murder of his best friend. Seeking help from investigative journalist Tamara Scott, whom he shares a complicated history, Mitch is thrust into the midst of a high tech war being fought in the dark underworld of New Phoenix. Before long, he encounters the enigmatic leader of a small covert group fighting to end the criminal stronghold. Forced to choose sides, Mitch's path is set on a collision course with the powerful Elias Centrell, leader of the mafia-like organization that controls the city from behind the scenes.


414 Pages, Paperback

Photon Books


Purchas this paperback of Watchers and have it personalized by the author for no additional cost. Just add a note when purchasing through PayPal.


Watchers (Paperback)

SKU: 979-8838443663
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