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This contemporary thriller, a follow up to the best-selling novel, The Verticon File, dares to ask questions that many are curious to know. Is the truth about our world being hidden from us? Is society controlled by a clandestine elite with a sinister agenda for mankind?


Private investigator Marc Grissom is hired to look into the death of a respected university professor. His case takes a dangerous turn when he discovers clues pointing to a web of deception, lies and conspiracies. Finding himself in a deadly, high-stakes game, Marc is confronted with theories of a colossal, international cover-up. He's soon forced to decide fact from fiction before it's too late. 


312 Pages, Paperback

Jumpmaster Press


Purchase this 6 x 9 paperback of The Verticon Code and have the author personalize it for no extra charge.

The Verticon Code (Paperback)

SKU: 9781949184600
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