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For thirty-year-old Shawn Covington, returning home was supposed to be welcoming, a time of new beginnings. This ends abruptly as he arrives to find his city completely abandoned, in disarray and in the midst of a powerful storm. Unable to leave or communicate with the outside world, he meets a young woman, also trapped by the same unexplainable circumstances. Together, as they begin searching for answers, they're plagued by a series of nightmarish events as things turn from bad to worse. Struggling to survive while the mysterious, supernatural storm rages all around them, the unlikely pair are forced to confront the darkness within and without. But will they live long enough to learn the dark secret behind the evil tempest and its destructive power? It may already be too late. This supernatural thriller takes the reader on a terrifying journey into to the heart of darkness and shows that the only worse than a haunted house is a haunted city.


Purchase the digital PDF version of The Citadel and download it directly onto your mobile device.

The Citadel (Digital Version)

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