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Convergence, the fourth and final book in the Nexus series, explores the true nature of the supernatural realm, revealing the Biblical origin to the spiritual conflict behind the dimension of the paranormal.


Following a series of prophetic visions, paranormal expert Josh Blair is drawn into a search for the truth behind a mysterious plane crash on the outskirts of his city. He soon discovers a deadly plot to obtain an ancient artifact of supernatural origin. With his friends working to expose a dangerous, secret society at the local University, Josh collaborates with an FBI agent sent to investigate him, soon realizing that the events beginning to unravel will change each of their lives forever. 


286 Pages, Hardcover

Photon Books 


Purchase this 6 x 9 hardcover version of Nexus: Convergence and have it personalized by the author for no additional cost. Simply include a note when purchasing through Paypal.

Nexus: Convergence (Hardcover)

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