Whether you've come to this site on purpose or it was through pure accident, it's my hope that you stick around long enough to learn what I'm all about. The older we get, the more understanding we gain into the importance of friendship, love, faith, and personal identity - all the while dealing with failure, doubt, pain, loss and the internal struggles that all of us experience as we progress through this unpredictable journey called life. Along the way, most of us, at some point or another, ask the most important questions that could be asked. Who am I? Where did I come from? What's my purpose and destiny? 


Although my books may be a hybrid of different genres, i aim to explore all of the various themes mentioned above in different ways, hoping you'll immerse your imagination into the worlds described. It's also my hope that if you read any of my stories, you come away not merely being entertained, but also encouraged and inspired in some way. I hope that when you read the final words, you'll be different than when you read the first. In the meantime, please enjoy the site and feel free to drop me a message of goodwill if you see fit. More so, may you know that, regardless of these dark times, there is a light that shines. A light that will overcome the darkness. So say we all!


Brian Weimer





Author Reviews 

"Brian weaves realistic characters .... into a spellbinding, riveting and exciting story line."

R. Kyle Hannah (Author of the Time Assassins series)



"Watch out, Dan Brown!"

David J. (amazon.com)


"Weimer is great at interweaving various plots together..."

 (barnesandnoble review)

"His (Brians) style is reminiscent of Ted Dekker ... but with a style uniquely his own." 

Jennifer Lenhart (amazon.com)

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